Body Shaming: 5 Reasons Why People Do it!

The world is practically sold on what an "ideal body" should look like by the media. We are constantly bombarded on all social media platforms by this perception of what an ideal body is. This notion is now the cause of a new form of bullying known as body shaming. What is body shaming and why do people do it? Here are 5 reasons why people body shame.


The 10 Lessons I Learnt in 2017

Hello family! I missed you all! Sincere apologies for not "being in touch" for the past month. I was on a much needed vacation and i literally "shut down" the internet. I was only armed with my phone and camera which were all for selfies and pictures generally for my vacation. More on the vacation … Continue reading The 10 Lessons I Learnt in 2017

Exciting News: Is Born And Live!

Helloooo! I am so excited. Over the moon and so happy, i am grinning from ear to ear like that happy yelping dog dancing around your legs lol. For those of you who don't understand, the website is actually a free one and i needed to host the website by transferring it from … Continue reading Exciting News: Is Born And Live!

Waiting For The Gas Man



About two months ago, while cooking, the cooking gas finished on me! If you are the type that enjoys cooking and healthy home made food, you will understand the dilemma I was thrown into that day. I was hungry, irritated and greatly vexed! I had no other choice than to place a call to the “Gas man”, a local contractor who does home deliveries for cooking gas. So I called and he promised to be at my place in one hour.

Fortunately, what I was cooking wouldn’t go bad without heat so I decided to wait. Went to my bedroom and started playing my favorite game, Sudoku on my phone. I kept looking at the time, an hour passed, Mr. Gas man never showed up. Even ‘Sudoku” which I usually play with so much concentration, ignoring all and sundry around me could not hold my attention! By now my stomach…

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12 Life Quotes That Will Change Your Life

There is a saying that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In other words, if you want to succeed, if you plan to succeed, then you need to PLAN. Often time, we get easily discouraged and side tracked from our goals by events happening around us and then we abandon what we … Continue reading 12 Life Quotes That Will Change Your Life

Stop The Bullying

My sister told me of a teenage movie "13 Reasons Why" when i had the thought of writing about bullying. It tells the story of a teenager who committed suicide and recorded tapes on the 13 reasons why she committed suicide. This echoes stories of the psychological effects and far reaching consequences of bullying in the society.

Journeying With Fear

Fear has a way of holding you back and limiting you in several ways. Fear is synonymous with limitations, barriers, negativity, depression. Just about everything bad is associated with fear. Fear is debilitating. Fear will make you a prisoner in your soul, deter your physical body and eat into the very fabric of your being. … Continue reading Journeying With Fear

10 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 50!

Life is for the living! We are always so caught up with work, we never take time off for some TLC. You can't work round the clock. You shouldn't work round the clock and not get to live life. Life is lived in those moments that are awe inspiring. Then again, there must be something … Continue reading 10 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 50!

Sexy Miss Glasses And Astigmatism

Hello! How has the new week been? I hope you guys used your weekend judiciously! Relaxation is key. Destressing very important and self love, paramount! Don't. Ever. Forget. That. So i first encountered the word, ASTIGMATISM in High School in biology class. Cornea, retina, short sightedness, long sightedness, refraction and reflection of light, tear ducts, myopia … Continue reading Sexy Miss Glasses And Astigmatism

I was Sexually Molested

Picture credit: Pinterest Bright and shining day. Shuffle in the dark. A vise like grip. A club to the head. Drugged. Grabbed from behind. Threatened. Coerced, Forced. Beaten. Unknowingly. Knowingly. Then it happens. A stranger, a family member, a trusted friend, a random mugging. It doesn't matter the way it happens. Molested sexually. Raped. Not … Continue reading I was Sexually Molested